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We know how hard it can be to choose the right products that are safe, toxic free, organic, and healthy for you and your family.  Let us take the work out of researching hundreds of companies just to find one.  These are companies and products that we have found to be the best of the best.

Products We Reccomnd
Herb Plants

high-quality, whole food-based nutritional supplements and more.

*To gain access to Standard Process to purchase products, please email us at hello@chiropracticlifestylestudios.com. You must be a current patient in order to obtain this code

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Cosmetics and skin care products you can feel good about.  Every Crunchi product is made with vegan, safe ingredients...

that perform!

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Helping you achieve the healthiest, tastiest, lowest acid cup of coffee possible, while using sustainable farming & protecting our wildlife. 

Communit Partners


We love you because you love the things we love! 

At CLS, we always want to walk our talk, so we have have hand selected community partners that align with our phiolosphy and vision of a healthy community. 

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Keeping a journal is proven to boost your happiness. These 90-day journal offers teens & kids a calm space with easy prompts to encourage mindfulness, express gratitude, and deal with emotions.  

Find the adult Morning Matters Journal on SALE now at CLS!

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Handcrafted zero proof elixirs, syrups, and tonics for every occasion; simple fresh ingredients, with complex and amazing flavors.

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Our philosophy is simple - your body is designed to birth. Peaceful Birthing HypnoBirthing® guides you to easily find your instinctive birthing ability. Birthing Companions are key to the journey and learn simple tools for relaxation, birth support,  how to advocate and work with medical professionals. 

Our 5 week classes help you discover your options, access deep relaxation, let go of negativity and enjoy one of the most special times of life. All birth journeys respected - home, birth center or hospital birth, natural, medicated or induced, and birthing via cesarean.


Classes are held at Chiropractic Lifestyle Studios

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