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A center dedicated to brain & neuro-spinal based care to improve neurological health and maximize performance.

Our “Why”

We serve to support every person in expressing more of their innate potential.

“How” we see your body?

We recognize the body as a beautiful, complex, self-developing, self-adapting, self-healing vital system.

We understand that the nervous system controls all body functions and controls the quality of our ability to adapt to and ever-changing environment. We realize that interference or damage to the nervous system results in abnormal function, disease and infirmity, and a reduced quality and quantity of life.


There are three interferences to the nervous system..

  • Physical Traumas

  • Environmental Toxins

  • Emotional Stresses


“What” we do?

Our clinical goal is to correct these interferences to your nervous system, re-establish normal function and integrity of the brain and nervous system, and allow your body to heal, function more effectively, and express your highest quality of life.

Learn more about CLS Functional Neurology care with a complimentary 15-minute consultation with our doctor


Functional neurology uses Applied Neuro-science (ANS) and contemporary neurology principles to analyze the levels of interference within the nervous system, especially focusing on brain trauma, brain integration, and optimum neuro function.  We use the principle of neuroplasticity to improve the efficiency of neurological function and to optimize cognitive abilities.

Patients come to CLS seeking neuro-rehab for serious conditions such as TBI, Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s, stroke, concussion, and more. Others seek care for vertigo, stress management, whiplash, or to get a healthy brain baseline before engaging in potentially traumatic sports activities. Athletes and Executives also engage our docs to pursue high-performance goals both in the game and the boardroom.

Parents see vast improvement in children’s ability to focus, increase academic performance, drastically improve reading skills, and physical performance. It’s important to monitor age specific developmental markers as these forecast a life of health. ADD, ADHD,PTSD, MS and Autism are neurodegenerative problems that have shown improvement with a specially designed functional neurology approach

The clinical team at CLS pinpoints neurological dysfunction and using the most contemporary non-drug physical and neurological methods,creates care plans for cognitive rehabilitation, with the goal of maximizing function and improving quality of life.    


  • Concussions and Traumatic brain Injuries (TBI)

  • Childhood development disorders (ADD, ADHD, Reading developmental issues, etc)

  • POTS

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

  • Neurogenerative conditions and prevention (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.) 

  • Stroke rehabilitation

  • Vertigo and balance problems

  • Fatigue, Focus problems, Long Covid symptoms, etc.

  • Personal Injury (PI) traumas

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Movement Disorders (Epilepsy, Restless Leg Syndrome, etc.)

  • Persistent Health problems (Weight loss, Gut Restoration, Insulin Resistance

  • Pre-concussion healthy baseline brain testing

  • Healthy Childhood Development Evaluations

  • High-Performance Athletic training

  • High-level Executive Performance



GyroStim is a computer-controlled, interactive, multi-axis rotational chair. GyroStim systems are currently located in 28 locations, including the US and 8 other countries in clinics, sports training centers, research labs, military facilities, and universities. GyroStim is FDA cleared for treatment of balance and vestibular disorders. Additionally, the FDA has designated the GyroStim as a Breakthrough Medical Device. 



BrainBeat is one of the most advanced brain-training systems in the world. It’s based on Interactive Metronome, a proven medical-grade technology used by 40,000 clinicians and educators worldwide. BrainBeat’s special hardware and software guide your child to perform scientifically-based exercises that improve attention, grades, behavior, coordination, and so much more.


The RightEye Vision System™ is the world’s first commercialized eye-tracking solution for general healthcare and wellness—It is nothing like traditional vision tests.


It is a proven, easy-to-use system, steeped in science and applicable for optometry, medicine, education, and sports.


Videonystagmography (VNG) testing is considered the new standard for testing inner ear functions. VNG measures the movements of the eyes directly through infrared cameras. This test also addresses the functionality of each ear and if a vestibular deficit may be the cause of a dizziness or balance problem. To monitor the movements of the eyes, infrared goggles are placed around the eyes to record eye movements during testing. VNG testing is non-invasive.


Most advanced program for neurological and visual therapy! Aimed to improve eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, visual motor and neuro-cognitive skills, working memory, and more. The Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator can help those who suffer from vertigo, dizziness, brain fog, Autism, Balance Disorders, Parkinson, Brain Injuries, Strokes, Concussions and Whip Lash Injuries, Neurological Disorders, Vestibular Disorders, Spinal Cord Injury and more.


BrainTap’s neuro-algorithm produces brainwave entrainment — the synchronization of brainwaves to a specialized sound — with no user effort. The result of which is full-spectrum brainwave activity. Using this matrix of neuro-activity, each of BrainTap’s sessions is encoded differently to ensure maximum neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections, resulting in a flexible and resilient brain. 


MyoVision is a sensitive form of electronic, non-radiation, palpation and can accurately measure the body's natural reaction to pain, muscle guarding, and splinting. It's a diagnostic tool that measures your muscle tension and rates it on a scale of low to high.


Highly specialized and specifically designed accuracy for measuring spinal damage/degeneration, which can identify length of trauma, phases of degeneration, soft tissue damage and related neurological implications.

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