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Importance of the Nervous System

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

All life possesses its own guiding intelligence that gives us the power to heal, grow, adapt and thus live life to our fullest potential. All of this is controlled and coordinated by your nervous system. Grey’s Anatomy writes, “The role of the nervous system is to control and coordinate all the cells, tissues and organs and via the immune system, adapt the body to the environment.”

The nervous system is an intricate information highway made up of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and the largest neurological structure, your skin, where all the senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell are located. These sense organs are constantly feeding information from the environment to your brain so that you can adapt. The nervous system is where you also feel love, have memory, develop language, and all the elements that we call life. Neuroscientists have said, “You are your nervous system” and that “All the other structures in the body are there for one reason, to keep your nervous system alive and healthy.”

If you interfere with your nervous system it will result in malfunction, symptoms and diseases, and a reduced quality of life. There are three interferences to your nervous system; Physical Traumas, Emotional Stresses, Environmental Toxins. Posture, lack of exercise, sitting at a desk all day, text neck, injuries, pesticides in our food, stress, even the birth process and more are all factors in the health of your nervous system. Chiropractic focuses on one of these interferences called subluxation; a condition where the spine is malfunctioning or traumatized and affecting your brain and spinal cord/nerves.

Given all of this, it would make sense to keep your nervous system as free of interference as possible throughout your life. OUR CLINICAL GOAL AT CLS IS TO CORRECT THESE INTERFERENCES. When interferences are corrected, your health will Flourish as it was designed to do.

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