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I injured my lower back at work, ended up in the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life and was unable to walk normally. This greatly concerned me as I’m only 29. After attempting to ease the injury away on my own and being unsuccessful, I turned to Dr. Wes. After a noticeable improvement after the very first visit and additional improvements every day thereafter, I’m now MUCH better. His knowledge, expertise, and treatment techniques are all encompassing and he ensures thoroughness in all explanations of what is going on with your body. With his treatments, I’m confident that I will be able to go back to my normal work out routines. I cannot thank him or recommend him enough.


I cannot thank Dr. Wes Paten enough for everything he has done for myself and my 2 month old Maleena.

I have been struggling with low back pain for over 3 years now, since the birth of my first born. After seeing him for a month or so my major back pains have gone away. He is so educational and explains in-depth what he is correcting and doing. He makes you feel comfortable, educated on how your body works and things you can do to ultimately fix your issues. I feel so much relief!

Maleena my sweet baby was so colicky, would spit up a lot and wouldn’t have a bowel movement for 7-10 days at a time. She is breastfed and should go regularly. I cut out all dairy and eggs from my diet and yet she was still in pain. Dr. Wes helped fix my baby girl! After just a handful of visits, my sweet Maleena is HAPPY! Her digestive system is working normally. She isn’t as colicky anymore and smiles all the time. She has bowel movements daily now (when the pediatricians said it was normal to not go, I knew they were wrong). I am so beyond thankful for all Dr. Wes Paten has done for myself, but even more so my sweet little Maleena!

He is the best around! Highly recommend him.

I was having issues with my arms going numb and couldn’t figure it out, certainly didn’t think it was for a Chiropractor to fix. I WAS SO WRONG!! Dr. Wes has completely fixed the problem and helped with so much more!! His knowledge combined with his amazing energy makes you look forward to your next appointment.

I highly recommend Dr Wes. Even if you are remotely curious or skeptical... give him 20 minutes and you won’t regret it!!

I highly recommend Dr. Paten. I’ve been going to him for a couple of months now and he has helped me immensely with TMJ issues and hand numbness, as well as identifying which vitamins I am lacking. He has also used NET on me which was very much needed and of which has helped me both physically and emotionally (you really feel “lighter” and a sense of release after!). Appointments are always so educational.

Met with Dr. Paten after a friends recommendation and after learning of the specialization that he has. I have never been more impressed with a doctors knowledge or demeanor! I have a rather rare nerve disorder, which I am a little uncomfortable discussing. Previously, I met with three different doctors who had never even heard of the disorder, but Dr Paten knew quite a lot about it immediately and began discussing treatment options right away. I felt comfortable talking to him about it, he put me at ease right away! I would recommend him to anyone! In fact he has been treating my 4 month old daughter since the day she was born! Her first adjustment was 2 hours after delivery. FYI, she’s been sleeping 9 hours a night straight since she was 2 months old...

I knew I had some complicated physical challenges and I had a poor understanding of what to do about them... I’m glad Dr. Paten spent time with me and gave me a new opportunity and hope for my body to heal from some old injuries. I recommend you do the same.

I’ve been doing CrossFit and going to different chiropractors for years. I’ve always had pain and an uncomfortable feeling in my shoulders when doing thrusters and pull-ups. Today Dr. Paten did an adjustment that literally blew my mind. It was like that one section of my back/neck had been stuck for a lifetime. I took class afterwards and thrusters have never felt better. No pain, more range of motion than I’ve ever had, and I feel amazing. Dr Paten is super thoughtful and intentional with his work, which (in my opinion) is the most important characteristic of a chiropractor.

I started seeing Dr. Wes at the beginning of my second trimester of my pregnancy. It has always been very important to me to keep my body at its healthiest and feeling the best prior, during, and will continue to do so after pregnancy. I knew my body would be changing in many ways while pregnant and I wanted to make sure I was giving it the best care possible leading up to delivery. That was when I started seeing Dr. Wes on a weekly basis early on and sometimes even twice a week as I became further along for adjustments.

Each visit has been incredibly effective and he was able to relieve my back pain, ligament pain as my belly began to expand, keep me properly aligned, which allowed me to continuously workout and feel great during my entire pregnancy.

Dr. Wes always makes me feel very comfortable and I love how he thoroughly explains everything behind what and why he will be manipulating certain areas and how it will help. He is very intelligent and truly cares about his patients. Seeing him was one of the best things I could of ever done during pregnancy and I plan on seeing him after as well! I HIGHLY recommend him if you truly want your body to feel your best during pregnancy or not. 

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