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THE CLS STORY…..“We don’t think that way”

Updated: Jul 19, 2021


We’ve all been raised with the idea that you wait until you get sick or have symptoms and then begin an expensive course of treatment where the doctor is in control of the information and resources necessary for making decisions. These treatments always have side effects that often include dangerous procedures and addictive drugs.

“We don’t think that way.”


...We believe your body is amazing and beautiful, that it is designed from day one to be healthy.

...We recognize that your body is self-developing, self-healing, and self-maintaining, all designed to allow you to be healthy and adapt to the world around you.

...We know that the nervous system controls and coordinates all the internal functions necessary for life and adapts you to the external challenges your body faces-You are your nerve system.

...We have identified that there are three interferences to your nerve system; physical traumas that can begin at birth, environmental toxins, and emotional stresses that have resulted in symptoms and disease and a reduced quality of life.

...We focus on correcting interferences and damages to your nerve system and in helping you build a more natural, prosperous and active LIFESTYLE. We want you to live life with a healthy brain and nerve system and eat well, move well and think well.


If you think the way we do, that the body can heal itself, that life is more than living symptom free, that prevention and wellness are as important as acute symptom relief, that healthy living begins at birth, that we should define health by how well we function, and that health-care should be an ongoing partnership between the doctor and the practice member….If you think this way, come experience our...

CHIROPRACTIC LIFESTYLE STUDIO…”the art of living well”

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