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Your health is vital to living a meaningful and joyous life. Health is not obtained in a pill or a potion, nor is it something you do once in a while. Health is an attitude, a LIFESTYLE that is built on a day to day, decision to decision basis.

My Lifestyle iQ

What if your chiropractor could be with you every step of the way, 24/7, as you work to prevent future health issues, clean up your diet, create more strength, flexibility and endurance in your daily routines, strive to build happiness and social well-being, or get rid of that 

constant brain fog, without having to spend extra time during your regular appointments? MLiQ will give you the opportunity to work closely with your chiropractor as you work to incorporate a chiropractic lifestyle into your daily life.  

Read more about the 4 domains of MLiQ Below. 



Neurorehabilitation programs designed to improve efficiency of the nervous system and increase cognitive function.

Applied Neuro-Science (ANS) uses a non-drug approach to analyzing various levels of interference within the nervous system and designing care plans focusing primarily on brain function.  ANS utilizes principles centered around neuroplasticity to improve function and cognitive ability. Patients seek care for serious conditions such as concussion/TBI, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more.  Others seek care for balance, vertigo and stress management or whiplash.  Athletes and executives benefit by pursuing high performance goals to succeed in the game or the boardroom.  Families are encouraged to have children checked to identify and correct early developmental issues that could last throughout a lifetime. The ANS team uses the latest physical and neurological procedures for cognitive rehabilitation with the goals of maximizing function and improving quality of life.



Functional whole foods nutrition, evaluations and care plans designed to elevate overall health and reduce neurologically damaging interferences such as environmental toxins.

One of the major interferences to the nervous system is environmental toxins.  These include pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides, mercury in fish and teeth fillings, chemicals in drugs, radio waves powering our cell phones, GMO’s and so much more. First, we need to reduce these toxins and then apply good whole foods eating habits, products and preparation.  The food we eat affects every function in the body.  MLiQ has programs to deal with pre-diabetic protocols, weight loss, sleep, and a wide range of nutritional disorders with our goal being improved energy levels and healthy lifestyle behaviors.  We will help with advice on how to shop, prepare foods and make long-term plans for a more toxin free life.



Developing the skills of Positive Psychology, resilience, integrity and change are learnable skill sets for emotional, social and psychological well-being allowing us to experience happiness, passion and enhanced productivity.

Healthy relationships with ourselves and others are from the moment of birth and throughout a lifetime critical to our survival and fulfillment as individuals and a species.  Studies prove that negative attitudes, hate anger and retribution are detrimental to our physical as well as emotional and social health.  Conversely, positive attitudes, forgiveness and reconciliation have clear health benefits that fosters happiness and increased productivity. Topics include 5-21 day steps to a Positive Life, the Four Core Skill Sets of Happiness, Gratitude, Passion at Work, Meditation and much more.



Strength, flexibility, and endurance are “absolutes” in building a life of freedom and movement.  MLiQ provides simple challenging programs from the gym to the yoga studio for beginners, those with intermediate skill sets, and the advanced athlete.

When we’re in our teens and 20’s the theme is bigger, faster and how do I look?  In our 30’s and 40’s peak performance becomes the goal at work and in the gym.  But in our 50’s and 60’s focus tends to shift to maintaining the strength, flexibility and endurance to support our lifestyles.  Finally, as we approach our senior years the issue is clearly the strength to be able to be active and self-sufficient.  Programs and coaching at CLS allows our practice members of all ages to maximize movement appropriate to their goals.

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