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About Us


Our care is technologically innovative, scientifically-based, non-invasive and patient centered. Our primary focus is chiropractic care that will impact your entire family and create a healthy lifestyle. This is care that takes YOUR health goals into account. 

We listen, We care, We trust you, We will partner with you. Your goals are OUR goals.  Care plans are individualized to your personal health needs.

Our partnership will take your health and lifestyle to the next level of natural living.  And we always explain what needs to be done, what the costs will be and then you can decide how to proceed.  You are always in control.


Chiropractic Lifestyle Studios are founded on the principles of Vitalism (for more on this topic visit our BLOG section) and the chiropractic profession, which have at their core a deep respect for life and natural living, especially the recognition of the body as a self-developing, self-maintaining, and self-healing wonder. 

The art of chiropractic focuses on brain and nervous system health, by reducing physical, emotional, and environmental toxic interferences and then rebuilding healthy life long lifestyles.   

A studio is a place where an artist works, creates art and teaches.  CLS and the people that serve here are committed to education, empowering you to make healthy decisions, and building your best life.

Our promise is to listen to you and we invite you to partner with us on a journey of health, wonder and better living as an individual and a community.


We recognize the body is a beautiful, complex, self-developing, self-adapting and self-healing system. We understand that the nervous system coordinates all body functions and controls, via the immune system, how we adapt to an ever-changing environment. (For more on this topic visit our BLOG section)

We know that interference to the nervous system results in malfunction, diseases and infirmities, and a reduced quality of life. There are three interferences to your nervous system…Physical Traumas, Environmental Toxins and Emotional Stresses.

Chiropractic's clinical approach is to correct spinal malfunctions that interfere with your nervous system called subluxations.

Our goal is to correct these interferences to your nervous system, allowing you to heal and function more naturally without invasive drugs and surgery.  Our deepest hope is for you to express your highest quality of life.





Lifetime Care

Meet Our Leadership

Image of Guy Riekman and Dr. Wes Patten


Dr. Riekeman grew up on a small farm in New Mexico and as the son of a chiropractor became a chiropractor himself, graduating from Palmer College in 1972.  He built a successful practice in Kansas City and helped develop a new chiropractic college in South Carolina before creating the first ever patient educational videos in 1977.  He founded and ran the largest doctor’s management program with over 7000 chiropractic offices enrolled, world-wide. He returned to his Alma Mater, the original Chiropractic College, in 1998 as its President and later Chancellor and oversaw growth in enrollment, research and prestidge, while starting the first chiropractic college in South America (Brazil).  In 2004 he was named the President of Life University in Atlanta where he built the largest chiropractic program in the world  Additionally, under his leadership the University created unique programs in Positive Psychology, Vitalistic Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Functional Neurology. Now as Chancellor Emeritus, he was recently voted the most known chiropractor in the world, has conducted 40+ world lecture tours for doctors and the lay public, written a book (Make Your Life Extraordinary) and has recently released a new app for doctors and patients to manage their lifestyle behaviors remotely (MLiQ).

The CLS office is the culmination of a 50+ year career of striving to provide the best of natural drug-free health care and lifestyle behaviors.  His creative ideas have come to life in this unique clinic administered by Dr. Wes Paten and staff.  


Dr. Paten is a graduate of Life University in Marietta, GA, the largest single-campus chiropractic college in the world and CCE accredited. While in school, Dr. Paten specialized in multiple techniques, including Applied Kinesiology (AK), Neuro-emotional Technique (NET), Activator, and some aspects of Functional Neurology and Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).


​ Dr. Paten believes in holistic health care, focusing on each patient’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, intellectual, social, and environmental health. Dr. Paten has experience treating a range of patients, from babies to senior citizens to pregnant mamas and athletes. His treatment sessions include a combination of muscle testing, full spine adjusting, nutritional and hormonal counseling, neuro-emotional release, and functional neurology.

​Dr. Paten is also a licensed personal trainer and can provide information and advice on the best movement and exercise for your specific health goals. --

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